The Great Pirate

Captain Cook, the symbol of adventure as a great pirate, is one of the four pirate ships in the same size in the world and also the largest pirate ship in Taiwan. so it names “greatest” pirate ship with 18.5m as the length and 2.50m as the width. One of each trip can carry 84 people.

The appearance is unique and delicate when it swings off the ground for about 7-layer height of a building and the swing at the front to the rear reaches 70 degrees. When the pirate ship starts to swing, you may experience how Captain Cook rides over the waves and explore the world. Your heart is moving up and down along with the wave comes. It has been considered as one of the most exciting facilities and the challenge to the extreme. You feel exciting and amazing even you are not riding with it but watching it aside.

  • Height

  • Exciting

  • Seat

Facility location
South Pacific
2024 / 06 / 11 - 2024 / 06 / 30
Other restrictions
Heart disease; High blood pressure; Problem to the part of spinal/neck/head; Osteoporosis; Pregnant; Easy to be carsick and seasick; Uncomfortableness to physical and psychological.
Remark instruction
The food and the drink are not allowed.