The Sudan Rhino Bus

It is the first one in the world “Rhino hope bus” a rhino shaped scientific research vehicle for the purpose of a short distance observing and Exploring the rhino. the vehicle was named “Sudan” by the rare species of North White Rhino in Africa. The rhino Sudan pass away in March 2018 aged 43. This is equal to the claim that the North White Rhino officially extinct. we hope one of each participant to take this bus will learn the knowledge by listening to the story to understand the importance to the work of conservation of rhino. therefore we especially name the bus “Sudan Rhino”.

At the front of the vehicle equipped with Rhino horn and sensor and the camera when the vehicle is driving and a collision happens with the rhino, the big screen monitor in the car. at the moment the rhino hit the car and the side of the monitor will indicate the strength, the people who are in the car do feel like they were really in Africa and experiencing the migration. People can not only watching and observing the rhino in a close distance but it also participates the rhino conservation class.

Leofoo Village, the largest white rhino breeding base In Taiwan which is built for the purpose of effectively convey the message about the conservation to the animal and to provoke the attention of the general public. In the meantime, in order to diversify and enrich the artificial breeding of white rhino and to give the general public an opportunity to get close to the territory of white rhinos daily living. the Sudan Rhino hope bus finally is accomplished after 3 years hard work and research. Through the special design to the body of the bus, it can simulate the white rhinos natural habits and recover animals function diversify.

We invite you to join us to be supportive to the work of White Rhino conservation by taking the real action to against inappropriate application of wild animal item. The crisis of the survival of white rhino is the subject needs to be taken care of and the immediate action needs to be activated. We expect that “Sudan rhino-hope bus - journey to the mysteries territory” is an activity people need to experience themselves and also help to promote the knowledge of rhino conservation. Hopefully, we can cherish and concern every single piece of natural eco experience one of each type of animal’s excitement and beauty.

  1. 10% of the income of the activity will be donated to Chungfu foundation,(
  2. due to the security regulation of rhino hope bus, the minimum age required is 3 years old. Age under three years old is not qualified
  3. It is the chance the participants will get very close to the animal so for the reason to protect the animal please dress with regular color for example black, white, gray and coffee series. Try not to wear anything colorful to disturbing the animal and also try not to wear any perfume or anything else with a strong odor
  4. The activity is open for everyone but it is reserved and with priority for the guests who are in the package of limited, public beneficial and upgraded of Sudan rhino-hope bus - journey to the mysteries territory”
  5. The shift will be canceled when the rain falling, the person may choose to refund or to change the schedule of some other shifts on the same day.
  6. The reservation is required three day s in advance and the contact at 03-5475365#2951~2952 for reservation and any other questions or concerns.

African Tribe
Experience content
1.The first phase- of the class of ”to get to know white rhino”: on the way to the white rhino field, the professional tour guide will explain some general idea about the eco including:(1)The general idea of animal conservation.(2)The crisis the white rhino encounter and the experience sharing from South Africa.(3)The introduction to White rhino’s habit.(4)The design general and explanation of experiencing the process of “Sudan Rhino hope bus”, the sample of Rhino’s horn and skin will be provided and present in the class. (it depends on the actual situation” and feel free to submit your questions or concerns (Q&A) anytime during the process.
2. The certificate “Sudan rhino-hope bus - journey to the mysteries territory”: it will be awarded to the participants and the photos too. it symbolizes that the participant is a part of the conservation plan and will keep on doing the hard work to protect the eco of the earth.
Open time
Two shifts per day
Opening hours
Number limit
10 persons per shift
Toll facility
NT$1999/per person(The park entrance fee does not include this activity)