Opening Hours

    In the Leofoo village theme park, you may hear the joyful laugh and screaming 365 days.

    In addition to the normal operational schedule, we will extend the operational time for the occasion of specific seasons or festival and waiting for the arrival of the night. We expect all the guests can stay in the park and enjoy and experience the romantic atmosphere under the full stars in the sky.

    Leofoo Village Theme Park Operating Hours 

    General operating hours

    【Monday to Thursday】09:30~17:00 

    【Friday to Sunday】 09:00~19:30

    African Safari(Zoo)



    2024 Leofoo Water Park Operating Hours 

    The opening hours in June(6.15 Open)



    The opening hours in July and August 



    The opening hours in September 



    The Facilities Opening

    • The available hours --- all the facilities will be operational in 1.5hours after the opening hours starts.
    • The closing hours---to stop all the facilities operation starting 1.5houes before the opening hours end.
    • The opening hours in African tribe will be flexible based on the weather condition.
    • For the reason of facility maintenance or some other reasons which can not be resisted, the facility will be stopped. The announcement will be made on-site and no other notifications will be made additionally.
    • Two hours before the end of the opening hour as the last entrance (sell the ticket) daily