Tourist Service

The size and charge for token style of lockers in theme:

  1. Depth:42cm*Width:26cm*Height:53cm(each time $30、no limit to time)
  2. Depth:42cm*Width:42cm*Height:53cm(each time $30、no limit to time)
  3. Depth:42cm*Width:30cm*Height:30cm(each time $20、no limit to time)

The tourist service center in Leofoo Village theme park also provide the storage service for a large baggage. The charge is $50 per piece of baggage. parked within business hours of the day

The ticket selling kiosk and all the restaurants and shops accept VISA, MASTER, JCB.

The park provides the baby carriage but it is an ordinary and simplified type of baby carriage (it cannot lie down as flat as a bed) it is good for baby with minimum six months old up to 48 months old of little child (but the weight needs to be under 15kg).

Do not take your pets into park with you. In order to stay away from the trouble, you may bring up to some other guests. The guest who has the pet, please have your pet to be boarding at the tourist service center next to the ticket kiosk at park entrance. The charge is $100per pet.

  • Lifevest is available for rent in Leofoo water park nearby Turquoise Sea and Blue Sky. The rental costs NT$150.
  • The facility requires the lifevest (an artificial wave making pool, after the 100cm red alarm line), Drifting River, Rapid Warrior (person under 80cm is not allowed to participate the facility, 80cm to 100cm needs to be accompanied with adult and lifevest on.)

Guests in the park will use free internet service.

In Leofoo Village theme park, all the environment is access-free for disable with the wheelchair rental services., toilet particularly for the disables, parents-child toilet. Moreover, the disables are with the priority to take the facility (need to contact with the service people), ramp for wheelchair and safe rail, special zone for disables to watch the presentation., the special parking space particularly for disables.

All the toilets in the park area bears topics person as a statute, and also provide the toilet paper, toilet seat alcohol sterilizer, diaper for the baby.

  • The tourist service center locates at the right-hand side of ticket kiosk of theme park. The available services are rental/borrow of baby carriage and wheelchair, storage for large baggage, first-aid station, children lost, Animal Shelter, lost and found, park facilities and other related consulting services.
  • The tourist service center locates at the left-hand side of water park. The available services are the consultant to water park, the rental/borrow of lockers, first-aid station, children lost, lost and found, the consultant to facilities in water park and any other related information.

There are two medical treatment and nursing spots in the park, Seventy locations with first-aid box.  Please contact the service people at site for details and helps.

One hour before the business hour starts, the inspection jobs begin in order to reach the goal of zero danger. Moreover, also the Leofoo Village has spent  as insurance for the Public Liability Insurance to fulfill the government’s requirement and regulation of tourist’s industry.