Leofoo Resort Guanshi

Leofoo Resort Guanshi right next door to the Leofoo Village Theme Park is the only resort with the design of eco and herbivore scenery. In Asia. The shuttle bus is available between the hotel and theme park, ,you may like to walk by spending only 7 minutes.

The main building of Leofoo Resort Guanshi was built based on the scenery of the animals and ECO with 161 African hunting-style guest rooms and the guest room is good for 2-6 people to stay at your choice. The guest room is equipped with a French casement window and the guest can see a lot of African free-range herbivores - Giraffe, Rhino, zebra, barbary sheep、Ring-tailed lemur, flamingo, Centrochelys Sulcata at the room. The arrangement helps the guest to experience watching the wild animals at nearly zero distance.

The guests are breathing in the environment together with animals and cultivate respect for natural. We invite you with us to carry out the ideal of being a green and environmental protection hotel. We also provide abundant ECO experience and DIY activities, the theme restaurant, game room, store, meeting room and many more facilities. And bring up a pleasant and surprising experience.

During your stay in the hotel, we particularly give you the theme park ticket for free.

When you buy a set program and the cost you paid includes the ticket of theme park, you may have the VIP qualification and with no limit to visit the theme park during the period of staying in our hotel. You may come back for a meal and taking the rest, and then go back to the theme park with convenience.

The top option in summer vacation.Have some fun to both land and water park.

The summer is the only available time for the water park , come to stay in our hotel with a set including ticket to the theme park, for both land and water park, one day stay is not enough, you may walk to the park in only 7 min by foot or free shuttle bus to give you a free ride, come to stay with us in the eco-resort.

Abundant and fascinating free activities and unique experience.

The first eco-resort in Asia with many free activities. For instance, the Uganda warrior's dance, African gray parrot flying training, the story house of good night animals and many more. Moreover, the unique short distance experience with the animal – the interaction with Ring-tailed lumber, brush the back for the land turtle, the adventure in grassland and also the only here in the world – the Sudan Rhio bus.

The adventure of African grassland is the classic activities. With recreational vehicle going deep to the heart of Jungle. In an hour of activity, to take the car prepared by the hotel to enter the herbivore zone and the carnivore zone. With the humourous guiding person’s explain about the exciting story and knowledge to animals.

Besides, it has a free guiding person available daily to tell guests about the little secret of gi, to get to know the dynamic ringed tail lumer, , watching the huge white rhino, you just cannot miss all of that.

Leofoo Resort Guanshi gives you the most natural animal and eco experience but also provide many in house activities waiting for your participation which is good for the family in lion king game room, the parents-children in the daily activities which also enable the kids to make the unique art piece.

Go with the smell – the delicious theme restaurant.

The delicious restaurant is at the 2nd floor of the Phonix hall – a all you can eat cafeteria along with local Hakka cuisine ad Africain special cuisine with abundant Chinese and western style of food supply together with African grassland animal scenery, enjoy the meal with the animals start as never been before experience.

With good hope restaurant in 1st floor, it provides the afternoon tea with animal characters during the daytime; in night time it provide the Morocco cuisine of famous Taji set meal together with chef;s creative cooking with various African style courses.





Mail: lrb.reservation@leofooresort.com.tw

The guest to say in Leofoo Resort Guanshi enjoy 10% off of discount from the original price for the ticket to theme park.