Ticket Info


Ticket Price for The Park Entrance


Type Theme park
(zoo included)
Over 18 years old
Over 12 years old, under 18 years old need to show student ID for use
From 6 years old to 12 years old (or 120cm tall)
Little kids
At least 3 years old (100 cm)
Infants under 6 years old (120 cm)


Pregnant women, people with disabilities or seniors over 60  (Need to present relevant documents)


Afternoon ticket (entry at 13:00)



The Private Trip (additional charge is required)

Final Showdown at Tombstone VR $ 250 Info
Lemur Experience $ 499 Info
Adventure to Beast Island $ 1999 Info
Meerkat Experience $ 899 -


The Location to Buy The Ticket

In addition to buy the ticket on site at ticket kiosk at the entrance of Leofooo Village theme park, we also provide many different accesses for the guests to acquire the ticket at their choices. Please be cautious about some other locations on internet with claim of providing the ticket of Leofooo Village theme park. It could be fraud and cause you some loss.

  • To buy the ticket through internet

Leofoo Village Theme Park Official Online Ticketing

  • The convenient store chains all over Taiwan
7-11 ibon
7-11 ibon