Some of the facilities are with concerns to the person with special status and certain constrain will applied to the followings – senior people, pregnant, heart disease or disables. In order to make sure the safety when riding on the facilities, please follow the restriction to the person’s height.

  1. Height greater than 90cm: Wild West Train, City of Tomb Maze, Rock n Roll Steam Boat, Magic Carpet, Monkey Bring Good Luck, Little Horse Carriage(Height between 90-120cm), Desert Storm(Height between 90-185cm)
  2. Height greater than 110cm: Grand Canyon Rapids Rafting, the Great Pirate, Volcano Adventure, Giant Tsunami, The Drunken Wine Barrel
  3. Height greater than 130cm: Wheel of Wind and Fire, The Old Oil Well
  4. Height between 140-190cm: The Condor Roller Coaster, Big Raging God

  • Please wear the swimsuit and cap in a regular material but cotton material is not allowed while riding on the sliding chute or entering related water facility.
  • To secure your safety, do not wear any accessories for instance, lifebuoy, gaggle, necklace, ring, watch, bracelet, chain, earring when you ride on any of facilities.
  • To remind you to properly take care of your belonging, to advise you to rent and use the locker.
  • Please to obey the safety regulation for one of each facility, when the senior, pregnant, disable and children enter the water area, the family needs to be accompanied and take care of the person.
  • Safety is everything. One of these each facility has its specific requirement and constraint (for instance height, weight, high blood pressure, drunk, elder, pregnant, heart disease, lifevest required…etc.) and safety rule. Please pay attention to the announcement on site and cooperate with the service persons.
  • To secure the safety while riding on the sliding chute, many of the sliding chutes have certain constrain to weight and height as followings:
  1. Height less than 140cm is not qualified to ride Big Swirl (must be good at swimming)
  2. Height less than 130cm is not qualified to ride Poseidon Flying Shuttle, Big Big Swirl, Dark Slide, Rapid Flying Fish
  3. Height less than 110cm is not qualified to ride The Long Thousand-Mile Voyager, Double fish Travel, Frozen Slide
  4. Height less than 120 cm is not qualified to Water Maze but requires an adult to be accompanied.
  5. A person weight greater than 90kg, two persons combined greater than 160kg are not qualified to ride Double Fish Travel, Poseidon Flying Shuttle
  6. Two persons combined greater than 190kg are not qualified to ride Big Big Swirl

  •  NOT carry the followings to enter the park: the food needs to be frozen and heated, beverage with alcohol, cooking ware with gas as fuel, grill utensil, glassware, large ice bucket, diving equipment and some other exercise-related devices.


  • We do not allow any business photograph shooting activities or something related. Please do not carry BATACAMS-VHS35mm of large video camera and 120 camera, 4*5 camera with bellows..etc. The large size of shooting equipments without the application in advance.

  • For the security and safety consideration. Pets are not allowed to enter the park (please use the pet boarding service provided by the tourist service center at the right-hand side of ticket kiosk)(NT$ 100 / piece)

  • Smoking is not allowed except to the area equipped with ashtray. Chewing gun and beetle nut are not allowed.

  • NO voice amplifying device is allowed when it may interfere the on-going presentation or show.

For your safety all the facilities, shops and restaurants are equipped with first-aid box. In the area of African tribe, Arabian Palace, South Pacific Ocean, American Great Western and Leofoo Water Park, a well-established nursing and communication station is available respectively.

The re-entry stamp needs to be added at the back of your hand if you re-entry the park on the same day you leave the park.

The followings: to shoot the picture, video, videotape and voice recording tape can be applied to only the purpose of watching in an occasion of private or family reunion. It needs to acquire the consent with allowance from the park in advance to have a business application otherwise Leofoo Village bears the right to forbid such an activity and file the lawsuit and looking for the compensation.

You may contact the government official of Tourism Bureau at direct line of “1950” once there is any dispute or suspicious events for getting the additional assistance. Anything is not satisfactory, please also refer to the official announcement issued by Leofoo Village theme park.

  • The facility mentioned and indicated in the ticket are the display of animals and the facilities are operating normally and excluding those facilities are under the condition of maintenance.
  • Due to the weather condition or the requirement of having maintained, it bears the possibility that some of the performance or facilities will temporarily unavailable. Please pay attention to the maintenance and performance announcement.