Lemur Experience

With big eyes, hairy body, vivid and adorable personality, you just can not miss the opportunity to be with this lovely creature in such a close distance.

The ring-tailed lemur is one of the favorite and welcome animal in Leofoo village. In a secret spot in Leofoo village, we especially build up an environment which is mainly based on the origin where these monkeys are coming from - exposed rocks and few and scattering forest, green land with pound. and also the rope just like the real tree vine enabling the monkey to chasing around and swing. All these preparation help the monkey to settle down and enjoy their living.

Under the environment with no pressure, the monkey is dynamic and active but with mild personality and they love to be interactive with the people. Once you enter their home, they will jump right on your head or shoulder, at the moment you can have the close touch with the monkey when you feed them up.

To attend the interacting activity to the monkey, it is a chance for you to have the monkey to jump around you and with the special experience in a way you were in Madacasca . with the professional explanation done by the worker in Leofoo village, it enhance the understanding over the monkey. The activity has not only the entertaining purpose but also the educational one.

  1. The trip is in the Leofu village and the extra ticket is required and the participant needs to buy the ticket which is not the ticket you bought at the entrance of park
  2. Due to the nature of being dynamic of Ring-tailed lemur, the monkey will possibly jump to your head and shoulder, the participant is older than age 6 as recommended for the security reason
  3. For safety concern, age under 4 year old's are not qualified ; the pregnant, with cardiovascular disease and all the food for monkey feeding activity is prepared by the professional person which is arranged based on special receipt and suitable particular for Ring-tailed lemur, do not feed the animal wit your own food.
  4. The rain boots will be provided on site and please wear socks before you wear the boots. 
  5. The number of participants per shift is decided based on the person who has made the reservation and made the payment successfully. no more persons will be accepted when the quota is fully reserved.
  6. The shift will be cancel when the rain falling, the person may choose to refund or to change the schedule of some other shifts on the same day. 7. the reservation is required three day s in advance and the contact at 03-5475365#2951~2952 for reservation and any other questions or concerns.

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Experience content
With the explanation made by the professional worker, the participant get to knew the habit of the monkey. The feed-up to the monkey is executed on time and at fixed amount and the food is prepared by the professional workers with fruits an veg. based on the monkey's demand and required nutrition.
Open time
Four shifts per day
Opening hours
Number limit
10 persons per shift
Toll facility
NT$499/per person(The park entrance fee does not include this activity)