Digital Eco Education Center

Here Comes African tribe area why not to take your children to enter the Digital Eco Education Center to have an interesting and with full of knowledge Ecco Journey. to the facility in the hall you may learn quite a few something about the rhino, they also teach the people how to have a basic understanding to Rhino, how to tell the black rhino or the white rhino and what difficulties they are facing now. Also to learn what people in South Africa share the knowledge and experience about the Rhino with Taiwanese. In addition to the conservationist for Rhino and rarely-being -seen species of bird, It is available a super conservationist, gameplay for a child as a conservationist to take care of the rhino baby. To learn what Rhino’s habits will be through the gameplay. also the important to extend the length of life. To secure the Rhino start with secure the life of Rhino.

African tribes
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