Adventure to Beast Island

Do you want to experience the excitement surrounded by a large group of the fierce beasts?

Do you want to listen to the shouting in zero distance as a shock made by the carnivore?

It is the first 4D cage car in the fierce beast zone in Leofoo village. it is also the live show once in your life time. The role play change, you are locked in the cage and to go to the fierce beast zone and to see and approach the blood-preferred lions, tigers, bears, watch the food feeding presentation.

The people who love to chase the excitement , you just can not miss the opportunity to attend the journey of "bravely invade the ferocious beast island" within a period of a hour, you need to be in the cage car all the way and enter the fierce beast zone with clear vision without any block the lion's yelling does shake your heart and it is the turn the beast come to watch you.

We welcome you to sign up for Taiwan's exclusive experience activity –As long as you are:

  1. 10 years old and above
  2. Enjoy adventures and challenging the limits
  3. The activity is 60 minutes long.
  4. Since the animals have limited food quota, so each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in advance!
  5. Activity Reservation Hotline: 03-5475365#2951~2952

African tribes
Experience content
To take the special cage car made by Leofo village to be close to the fierce animal of tigers, lions, America bears and in a close range to watch the "solo feeding show" on site which accelerates your heart beat.
Open time
Four shifts per day
Opening hours
Number limit
10 persons per shift
Toll facility
NT$1999/per person(The park entrance fee does not include this activity)