The Old Oil Well

The whole trip takes only 90 seconds but it is good enough for you to review it. In the process of 90 seconds to challenge this six floors of building height of huge swing. Two feet suspended in the air the extreme of the human body of 3G gravity of acceleration of throw-out and 360 degrees of clockwise and anti-clockwise spinning in the air and invite the young tourists to come to challenge the extreme of dare.

  • Height

  • Exciting

  • Seat

Facility location
The Wild West
Other restrictions
Heart disease; High blood pressure; Problem to the part of spinal/neck/head; osteoporosis; Pregnant; Easy to be carsick and seasick; Uncomfortableness to physical and psychological; People with artificial limb; People reaches 65; The facility is good for people with 130-190cm.
Remark instruction
The food and the drink are not allowed when riding the facility; The easy falling object is not allowed to be carried on your turn of riding.