Water Maze

It is a facility good for the adult and children to play together in water puzzle. There are four sliding chutes for the children and two-floor height of climbing near, waterfall and water gun . and also the cute cartoon stylish design with 30cm depth of ester and you can soak and immerse into the water together with the children and enjoy the cool and comfortableness.

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Facility location
Leofoo Water Park
Opening hours
每年 6-9 月(實際開放日期,以官網營業時間頁面公告為準)
Other restrictions
Heart disease; High blood pressure; Problem to the part of spinal/neck/head; Pregnant; Uncomfortableness physically; Stay up late; Epilepsy; Uncomfortableness under the effect of medicine; People with artificial limb.
Remark instruction
Under 120cm needs to be accompanied with an adult.