Anubis' Judgment

The new facility is built based on the legend of never died in ancient Egypt, starting with the story of a tomb raider of Anubis’s trial.

It gives you the feeling of experiencing the movie - being a special agent or a tomb raider, the tomb raider needs to apply the combination of physical energy and brain ability to ride, penetrate, roll, crawl to pass the waves of the laser beam to be away from the Anubis’s trial and gain the re-born.

The Anubis is a dead people’s and tomb guardian in Egypt's fairytale. He is also in form of a Jackal's head with a human body as the guardian of Libra. To decide whether the dead person can go to the world after death by weighing their hearts. The laser game is based on the story that the tomb raider accidentally with the access to the old tomb and the tomb raider needs to be away from the light beam of the trial to accomplish the mission.

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Facility location
Arabian Palace
Other restrictions
Heart disease; High blood pressure; Problem to the part of spinal/neck/head; Osteoporosis; Pregnant; Uncomfortableness to physical and psychological; Disable in walking; The child between 90-120cm needs to be accompanied with an adult.
Remark instruction
No food and drinks allowed.