Monkey Brings Good Luck

You may ride a bicycle with the friends around the trail and over the top of the monkey. You can observe more than 100 various apes and monkeys of daily living in a relax way.

Over the large area more than 2 hectares where is the largest rare primates educational park including nearly of 30 different species apes and monkeys listed up in Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora,( CITES). some of them are very rarely being seen in Taiwan including hamadryas baboon, gracilecapunchin monkey, white-throated monkey, white collard mangabay.

And also the very rare the orang-Utah which is the spicy has nearly 200 left in the world and Burmese Pig-tailed Monkey who can go pick up the coconut, hamadryas baboon which is respected by ancient Egypt's as the massager from the God. and the gracilecapunchin monkey which look like Sun Wu Kung in one of the Chinese fairy tale.

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Facility location
African Tribes
2024 / 07 / 30 - 2024 / 07 / 30
Other restrictions
Heart disease; High blood pressure; Pregnant; Uncomfortableness to physical and psychological; Acrophobia; The child between 90cm- 110cm needs to be accompanied with an adult.
Remark instruction
The food and the drink are not allowed; Do not stand up or hit the vehicle in front of you