Desert Storm

it has never been easy to be across of Sahara desert alone in the condition of yellow sands of storm all over, and also everywhere in the desert bears some lethal crisis -poison Scorpio, quicksand, and the hidden the invincible desert robbers with no mercy. Now the only chance to survive and to keep alive is to take the "desert storm' roller coast.

The facility is the unique self-rotating style of roller coast in Taiwan. It brings you not only the high-speed ride as a typical roller coaster you will expected but also the seat will rotate 360 degree itself and give you a mighty tornado-liked thrust of swirl. it enable you to screaming like the hell but appraise it too.

  • Height

  • Exciting

  • Seat

Facility location
African Tribes
Other restrictions
Heart disease; High blood pressure; Pregnant; Problem to the part of spinal/neck/head; Osteoporosis; Easy to be carsick and seasick; Uncomfortableness to physical and psychological; The child between 90cm- 110cm needs to be accompanied with an adult.
Remark instruction
The food and the drink are not allowed when riding the facility; The easy falling object is not allowed to be carried on your turn of riding.