Term of Services for The Member of Official Website

The Leofoo Village Theme Park (hereinafter referred to as “Leofoo Village”) is in accordance with the regulation providing services (hereinafter referred to as “the service”) to the official website at (https://www.leofoovillage.com.tw)

At the point when the member accomplish the registration of Leofoo Village or start to use the service, it is considered the member already read, understand and agreed all the contents in the term of service.

Moreover, completely accept any additional terms of services and contents in current and future. Leofoo Village may modify and change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. You will be responsible for regularly checking this area and for reviewing any such changes.

By using the website after any such changes take place, it is considered the member already read, understand and agreed the modifications and changes.

You should stop using the service if you do not agree with the above-mentioned updates and modification made to the term of service or have disagreement to any of the term of service. If the member is under 20 years old, the member’s parents (or guardian) will not be the registered member until read, understand and agreed all the term of service and the modifications and changes made later on to use or continue to use the service.

When the member to use or continue to use the service, we assumed the member’s parents (or guardian) read, understand and agreed all the term of service and the modifications and changes made later on. Both member and Leofoo Village agreed to use all the content of services including intention in a form of electronic document.

To govern the protection of the personal information of members, the privacy and customers’ right, the use of personal data of members is to in the transaction process, the article 8 of personal information protection act should be told:

The purpose and manner of collection of

Proceeding sales promotion, customers, consumers management and services, statistics and research & analysis (statutory specific purpose item number is 040、090、157). Personal information will be collected through the register of ways.

The collection of personal data of

Personal data collected by the company in the website include:C001 identify individuals who: donors such as your name, the address, telephone, e-mail and other information.

Use, regional, and manner of objects

  1. Period: The point of time when the member request stopping use or Leofoo Village stop providing services.
  2. Area: Profile of members will be used for taiwan.
  3. The use of objects and methods: the member’s personal information will be applied to the management of members, management of customers inquiries and information retrieval, and also the status identification, sales & marketing promotion of Leofoo Village with example below:
    1. When using the a variety of services provided by Leofoo Village in the status of a member, the page will automatically showing the member’s information.
    2. Commercial promotion or marketing promotion: To provide the members a varieties of electronic magazine, to provide the information related to the service through the email, post, phone conversation. to categorize the member’s preference based on the content and advertisement the member brrowsed. To further proceed the personalized work and thr analysis of service the member use, new service development and the improvement to current service. moreover, also the comments to questionnaire, activities, message board and any other service related item to contact with the members.
    3. .To reply customers’ inquiries: To answer the customer about the use email, mail, phone call or any other direct or indirect way of doing communication to leofoo village.

The rights of consumers of personal data

Contributors have rights under the parties by article a capital law, personal information protection act(hereinafter “this law”)is enacted to govern the collection, processing and use of personal information to prevent harm on personality rights, and to facilitate the proper use of personal information. The following rights should be exercised by the party about his personal information and should not be waived in advance or limited by a specific agreement:(1)Any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information;(2)Any request to supplement or correct the personal information;(3)Any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information;(4)Any request to delete the personal information. The member intends to practice the right stated, should contact Leofoo Village’s customer service for application.

The member’s obligation of register

  1. The member has to provide the personal, accurate and latest personal information based on the register note indicated and can not register as a member by using the third-party name. One of each member can register one account name only and repeatedly register is not allowed.
  2. To constantly update the member’s personal information and to ensure the accuracy for getting the best service.
  3. If you provide any mistaken, false or incomplete information, Leofoo Village has the right to suspend or terminate your account number and deny all or part of your use of the services to be able to use the services.

Privacy policy

About member register and other specific information are protected and regulated based on the privacy policy of Leofoo Village

The user’s obligation and the promise

The member promised not to use the service in illegal purpose or to use the service. In any illegal methods, and also promised to be in accordance with the law of the republic of china and all the other international practice of using the internet. the member agreed to be in accordance to local or national regulation when the user is excluding of the republic of china. the member agreed and guarantee not to use the services to engage in any illegal behavior and torts.

This agreement is governed by R.O.C. Taiwan law

Any disputes arising from the interpretation and application for the terms under this agreement, or in relation to the terms of the agreement or the behavior between members and Leofoo Village, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of The Taipei District Court in the first instance and courts of appeal therefrom.