Habi and Honi’s Mediterranean fashion show is in San Tolini, please come join us and you can show the other side of yourself, here we have all kind of items to against the heat of the summer as well as the swimming tools to give you a cool summer, please come and join us as quickly as you can.

The Fashion Show is fascinated with the presentation of all kinds of us swimming suits including the very sexy mature bikini, the very cute two pieces and 3 pieces swimming suits and amazing four pieces of swimming suits. In one piece style of swimming suits showing the person with a very good figure and finally the 100% swimming suits for the handsome men will help you to successfully propose to a lady. Once you finish buying the swimming suits don't forget to buy to buy some swimming tool to help you have some fun and be safe.

Leofoo Water Park
Business hours
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開放時間為每年 6-9 月(實際開放日期,以官網營業時間頁面公告為準)